Create your own Data API!

Discussion created by fmpdude on Aug 16, 2018
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Thinking about another App Innovations article. Basically, this article would just be simple example using a micro-service: Create your own Data API (with no extra $ potentially leaving your wallet - "Metering").


So, from ANY application, not just FMP, you could use a REST-based interface to pass a couple parameters and a SQL statement and get data back. What format that data comes back would be controllable, also, Text, JSON, etc.


Not difficult to do. No reason to potentially shell out more $ for simple functionality to build. Free. No worries about additional fees for software you already own!


Plus, this custom Data API would work from regular FMP as well .... no FMS required!


Before FMI's data API, I've never heard of a company who wants to potentially "meter" (hopefully charge you more for) software you already purchased but perhaps they exist?


If this article idea sounds interesting, you would need to have a working micro-service, first.


Sound interesting?