Locking a data field so it will not duplicate

Discussion created by wcallman on Aug 16, 2018
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For those of you that have responded to past posts, I'mmm Baaaackk, lol.


So, My client has to be able to print an application that shows what was captured at time

of initial intake, and then print an application, whenever data points were changed, along with

the original app and which has to show the reprint date on it, that was easy to do.

That is being achieved by duplicating the current record via a script and a button. This is good and bad.

While I need to work on this potentially large problem of replication, it just means more storage it does

creates search issues.


This question: I want to create a unique field that will not replicate itself when the script is clicked to

create the duplicate record. Is this doable? and if so How?


You all have been patient and truly outstanding in helping me learn the in's and out's of FileMaker.