FileMaker Go 17 crash resulting in loss of all FM files

Discussion created by rcamper on Aug 16, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2018 by dchaley369

A client recently experienced a catastrophic failure using FileMaker Go 17. They are using an app I developed for monitoring stream habitat characteristics in remote field settings. Their iPad was running iOS 11.4.1.


According to the client, the app timed out while collecting a GPS point ( using LocationValues() ). FM Go froze, so the user closed it. After reopening FM Go, all of their apps were gone. They were storing some PDFs and Word Docs in FM Go as well, but those were not deleted. We have not been able to replicate the issue, and it hasn't happened since. However, a complete loss of all data and other FM apps is very concerning, whether it was random or not.


Has anyone else had a similar issue?