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Best way to use FileMaker as a backend for a website

Question asked by HenryRobinson on Aug 16, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by NorbertWeiss_1

I have made a database in FileMaker that I have been giving access to users with FileMaker go. The demand for access though was much higher then I expected I would like to meet the demand. I am assuming that the best way to proceed would be to setup a website that uses FileMaker server as a back end, local or hosted. This is all new to me though and I am not sure out of all the options especially with the changes FileMaker 17 brings to the table on what would work best.


The database is a simple 2 table database that lists owners and how much they own. I would like the website to be able to query by owner name and list out the amount the owner owns separated by type and year with subtotals and totals. While the demand is higher then I expected I do not see the amount of users to ever exceed 50 total and per day should be less then 10. I have other databases with higher demand though that are far more complicated. I would like to use this small one as a test and learning experience that I then can use for the larger ones.


I am not a web developer and the developer I would like to use has never done this before ether. In what direction should I point the developer?