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Authentication on External Server

Question asked by 34South on Aug 17, 2018
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Reserved today to upgrade our FMS to v17 and install our new SSL certificate. I was previously running FMS on a MacPro (El Capitan) but upgraded to High Sierra out of necessity. I was also running macOS Server 5.6 and used this to authenticate users externally (no services, just authentication). This worked extremely well. High Sierra required upgrading to macOS Server 5.6.1, which I did and now the bottom has fallen out since I'm not sure external authentication is still possible. I can't even connect to the FMS conventionally. I have another server running the older macOS Server, but since macOS Server seems to be nearing the end of its life, I'm not sure this is the way to go. What is the most elegant way to authenticate users externally to databases running on FMS?