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FMGo behaviour and triggers when resuming app

Question asked by mactabby on Aug 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by schamblee

Hi - I have read a few older posts on this but wanted to check my understanding, and would be grateful for some help. I'm using FMServer 16, FMPro 16 and FMGo latest (Aug 18). 


I have an interactive script I need to run when users first access the database each day.  For FMPro this is triggered OnFirstWindowOpen.  In FMGo, OnFirstWindowOpen is only triggered if the user force closes the app (double click home and swipe up) or manually closes the file from a button I could provide, neither of which are good solutions (users won't bother, and it's poor design).  Otherwise the app simply resumes in its previous state.  The same is true of OnLayoutEnter.


Firstly, Is there any other event which occurs when the app resumes that I can use to trigger a script, short of kludging a timer-based solution?


Secondly, various people have suggested FMGo's behaviour around not closing the file represents a data corruption risk, but without referencing any documentation.  I can't believe FM would have adopted this behaviour if that was true.  Is it really?