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New entry in a portal duplicates an an existing row

Question asked by absh on Aug 16, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by NorbertWeiss_1

I have a portal that is built to function like a spreadsheet.


Clicking one of the buttons on top adds a new blank row to the portal and the user can then type in the information. The first problem comes when a row is entered and the user wants to edit that row. For some reason you are able to click the cell and your cursor blinks as if it is ready to type but it does not let you edit the values.


The second problem is that I want to be able to print the information from individual rows but for some reason when a new row is created, it just copies the same row over and over. You can see this when switching to the list view of this layout.


As you can see, the spreadsheet shows three different people but the list view of the same layout shows three of the same person. This poses a problem when trying to print because instead of being able to scroll through the three different entries seen in the spreadsheet, you are scrolling through three of the same entries.


Here is the print layout:


And here is the single table these layouts are based on. I should note that there is a second occurrence of this table which is used to get the portal in the first image to work.



Thank you in advance for any input