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Scripting difficulties

Question asked by TKnTexas55 on Aug 16, 2018
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I have a file that is nothing more than an ODBC connection to the accounting software data.  I have set up the relationship between several GP2015 tables.  I have to export to Excel to get the general ledger data WITH the related fields.  Then I import to the working table where the analyses are done.  Manually it all works great.


So I wanted to script it so the Accounting Manager will have it a little easier.  Manually he goes to the GL_Transaction table, and does the finds to get the transactions for inventory for the month he is doing.  Then the script is to do
Go to Layout (GENERAL LEDGER) [just to make sure he is on the correct layout when the EXPORT starts.
Export Records [to an Excel file in C:\Windows\temp]


Here is where the problem is for me.  I need to export based on the Layout, because I want the related fields.  Sometimes the layout shows in the drop-down and sometimes it only shows the table.  Before I open the script, I have the active layout showing as the GENERAL LEDGER.

Here is what I see sometimes:

The fields on the left are the correct fields... except they are the Table, not the Layout which would include the four related fields.  TempInventory is his working UNRELATED Table.  I never export from there. 


Days like this I sometimes wish I was working in Version 3 (where I started).