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Filter Portal based on search

Question asked by bleyden on Aug 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by hillio-dillio

Hi All,


Im doing a bit of a change based on some user feedback, and am curious how I can execute the following (screenshot included):

I have a portal (right) with individual's information, and I'd like to use the fields on the left to function as a search section, so that users can easily type their search criteria there, hit search, and then the list of found records (however many that may be depending on criteria) are shown in the portal.  How would I go about this?  What kinds of fields do those on the left need to be?


Relationship information:  I have a "Home" table with a single record with a dashboard number of "1", which is what the "Individuals" table is related to, so ultimately every table will have a "dashboard number" field that will automatically be set to 1.