FileMaker Network Security

Discussion created by stathisaska on Aug 17, 2018
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Dear FileMaker community,


Today I set up a local server for WebDirect access. After setting the SSL, I asked the network IT guy to open ports 80 and 443. His responded so arrogantly that opening ports <1000 is very amateur and he asked what kind of software does not support changing ports. At this time re-installing FMS to change the ports is not applicable due to tens of plugins, solution files. scheduled scripts and of course time that the client doesn't want to waste.


When I explained that the server is a Mac machine and the ports point to FileMaker Server, also a "closed" system, he replied while laughing that even Linux systems are vulnerable to bot attacks, which doesn't make any sense because Linux OS is open-source.


Since no regular conversation could be exchanged with this man, I post this question to the community:


What are the whole network's vulnerability issues for a Mac running High Sierra and FMS 16 with SSL installed, admin accounts removed, OS file sharing privileges set only for registered users and open ports 80, 443, 5003 pointing to the Mac.


Thank you in advance for your input.