Unable to paste w/keyboard commands into calculation edit boxes.

Discussion created by SteveMartino on Aug 17, 2018
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Product and version-

FileMaker Pro Adv


OS and version

Windows 7 & Windows 8



Consider the follow simple calculation:





Formatted with returns for easier reading (or imagine a long complicated Let function).


I'm in layout mode talking specifically about the edit box on the dialog for naming a button in a button bar, the 'Hide Object When' or 'Tooltip' edit boxes in the Inspector.  I didn't check any others.

I tab to or click (select) the Edit Box, Ctrl +A (select the entire calculation), Ctrl +C (copy) to copy the expression.  It does copy the whole expression.  If I then go to (click or keyboard to) another (or even the same) edit box, and then Ctrl+V to paste, it only pastes the first line of the calculation up to the return.


If I tab/click and open the the 'Edit Calculation' box, then paste, it pastes the entire calculation.


But, if I use the same calculation, no returns, like this:


with no returns, I can paste that into any of the edit boxes with keyboard commands only.


I do like keyboard commands and not opening the 'Edit Calculation' box, but I also like easier to read calculations.


How to replicate

As mentioned in the above description.

1.  Copy my calculation or use your own with returns after each line.

2.  Use  Ctrl +A (to select all, Ctrl +C (to copy all) to copy the calculation.

3.  Click on one of the above mentioned edit boxes only (not the 'Edit Calculation' button to open the 'Edit Calculation' dialog box).

4.  Ctrl+V to paste into the edit box.  It will only paste the first line of the calculation up to the return.


Workaround (if any)

1.  Take the extra steps to open the 'Edit Calculation' dialog and paste there.

2.  Remove all returns from the calculation.


This was verified by another user using a Windows machine from this forum post:

Possible bug in Inspector w/Copy Paste & returns

However, a user on a MacOSX 11, FM17 did not have the issue.