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Now I Have To Re-LogIn? Why?

Question asked by richardsrussell on Aug 17, 2018
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I'm running FMPA on a 1-person standalone computer, and occasionally I get up and walk away from my machine for extended periods of time (15 minutes to several hours), leaving my database files open to the places where I've been working on them so they're waiting for me when I return. This never used to be a cause for concern, but lately upon my return I've been finding a message requiring me to once again enter my user name and password. Doing it once is irritating enuf, but after I've done it for the first file, I sometimes get the same re-login request for several other files (but not all of the open ones, which seems weird).


I searched thru program "Preferences" and "File Options" to see if there was some way to turn this so-called "feature" off but couldn't find anything. Does anyone know how to make it stop doing this?