FMCloud no longer working on AWS.

Discussion created by remoran on Aug 17, 2018
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Filemaker 17 is NO LONGER WORKING on AWS while AWS is working without issue. This crap started 3 days ago. I am DEAD IN THE WATERl, It was working 4 days ago when the dreaded file unavailable showed up on WebDirect and the file connect to AWS vapor locking and stating, after linking into AWS, that there are no files being hosted on AWS where in fact, 3 files are being hosted. Anger does not begin to express just how I feel about this! Prior to this crap, WebDirect and Go worked beautifully and the display on WD was virtually identical, save for one item, to the local file after the prerequisite tune up of the system was done. What is going on here? I did an update of FM17. Could that be the reason for this debacle? Did the 2399 TCP update (thanks for the tip BTW.) to see if the TCP address would work. Nada.  Awesome says it all here without question. Am running FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced at this time. Tried to do this on Windows with an earlier version of 17. No dice. Thanks FM for making my day wonderful. If anybody has a solution to fixing this disaster, please tell me as at this point in time, my clients and I are totally screwed.