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Script step isn't transferring data into variable on lower permission account

Question asked by logancornelius on Aug 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2018 by philmodjunk

I have an api integration that will allow users to submit a file into a folder on our cloud storage. The API works great on my full access account both on my fm17 client and through webdirect, so the medium of usage isn't the issue. When I log onto the custom (lower access) privilege account and try to work with it it's not working. Now the issue isn't with the API at all. When I open the debugger and data viewer, in the first step of the script it pulls the API key from a related field to the put the data in a variable. With full access permissions it works, but with the LA it doesn't put any data into the variable so obviously, when I get to the authentication it won't authenticate. Now maybe I've just looked at this so long that I can't see something that's obvious, but all field and layout permissions are granted to the necessary fields, layouts, and scripts (i've even set the script to run with full permission and without it and neither worked). All extended permissions are in place. There has to be something I'm overlooking, but it's killing me and I need some help. Any ideas or similar situations would be helpful. The issue isn't with the relationship as I've run the script successfully many times from my admin account. If you need more info I'll be happy to help!


Thanks in advance!