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Finding related record

Question asked by Eldberg on Aug 18, 2018
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Looking for s script solution:


There are two related tables: PEOPLE and PLACES.


In both tables are two text fields which identify a record: AREA and NUMBER.


There is also a calculated text field in both tables consisting of ”AREA + NUMBER”. The result will be a unique identifier in both tables. There is only one ”R132” in PEOPLE and only one in PLACES.


The relation is set between these calculated fields in the two tables.


Suppose I am looking at the record for area R number 132 in the PEOPLE layout. This record is uniquely identified as R132. (All records are visible, no search or sorting has been done.)


I now want to see the related information in the PLACES table, in a layout SPOTS which only contains information from the PLACES table.


I tried to do this by a script (uncertain about terminology here since my FMPro is in Swedish)

”Go to related record [from table: PLACES; with layout SPOTS.”]


This does not seem to work. I get random records from PLACES.

What am I doing wrong?