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How do I hide objects based on multiple fields

Question asked by Kathrynfw on Aug 18, 2018
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I am feeling stuck despite having read several messages on the subject, so I am asking for my specific instance, as I could not understand whether the other similar question matched my situation or not.


I am trying to simulate branching logic by hiding and showing different buttons to navigate to different layouts depending on the contents of three fields.


If I put it into positive words, I want to show the button if:


Referral::Disability = "None of the above"

and Referral::Currentlyinvolved = yes

And referral::behaviorspecialistaware = "no" or "unknown"


But when I negate:

Referral::Disability ≠ "none of the above"

and Referral::Currentlyinvolved = no

And Referral::behaviorspecialistaware = yes


I get issues because when Referral::Disability is NOT filled in yet, the object shows. However, when I add IsEmpty(Referral::Disability) it stops working. I have tried inserting parenthes, but that did not work either.

Here is the last thing I tried that did not work.

(IsEmpty ( Referral::Diagnosis )

or Referral::Diagnosis  ≠  "No. None of the above")

And (Referral::currentlyInvolved  = "No" or Referral::currentlyInvolved = "Yes" and Referral::BehaviorSpecialistaware = "Yes")


I also tried with "or" in place of the "And" at the beginning of the last line.


What am I doing wrong?

There would be another button that would only show up if the opposite conditions are met, thus the branching logic.

I attached a screenshot of what the conditions would look like if the button is to show.