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Trying to filter a portal by two fields determining a date range

Question asked by mrapple on Aug 18, 2018
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I have been searching for an answer to my query on filtering data by a date range but cant find any clear guidance.  I am fairly new to Filemaker but a fair way through my app to manage students, their classes and the associated fees.  I have set up each student when they join a class with a start and end date and each class (with associated fee) is registered in a table on the date it is held.  My intention is to then filter classes within the student class date range to work out their bills (attendance doesnt matter for this purpose).  i have tried filtering in the portal with no success. 


I assumed I need something like the below in my portal filter:


Class_Held_Date::Date ≥ Date (Join_students_classes::Startdate) and  ≤ Date (Join_students_classes::Enddate)


Any guidance greatly appreciated