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Displaying Related Records from a Tiered Relationship in a third Table layout

Question asked by garyjones on Aug 18, 2018
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My query relates to displaying only related value list data determined by another relationship and this is something I have always struggled with and is driving me potty yet again.


I have a database that consists of tables featuring editorial. For the time being a number that defines each editorial type is auto-entered into a field relevant to the table in which the record is created, i.e. News is Content_Type=1, Features is Content_Type=2 and so on. I’ve used this number system in addition to the Primary key as it’s easier to check visually than a UUID is.


Each Content_Type has a mix of categories associated with it. To facilitate this, I have created the tables and relationship shown below (which is based on PhilModJunk’s, Checkboxes with Scroll Bars II.



The relationships are then defined within the following form.




The next stage is to create a process by which I can apply categories to a piece of editorial, such as news etc, using a form. For a variety of reasons the UX has to be slightly different and I want to be able to select the categories from a drop down menu and display only those relevant to the Content_Type ID of the editorial record/table.


I replicated the previous relationship for this. Where the Study_Papers_Related_Categories table shown below is a replication of the Content_Type_Related_Category table shown above.



My rationale being this would allow me to filter the categories returned in the Drop down where I wish to assign categories to the editorial.



Both the Study_Papers DB and Study_Papers_Related_Categories (Content_Type_Related_Category) feature a Content_TypeID field (numbers 1 through to 6 depending on type definition).


It occurred to me that the Content_TypeID field would have to be used to enable the filtering but I have tried a variety of approaches (not shown above) but can’t get it to work so that only filtered values are returned in the drop down.


Any pointers greatly appreciated as always. I suspect the solution is simple but I have got myself totally confused.