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Alternative ways to produce summary in other table

Question asked by user2147901 on Aug 20, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by mikebeargie

Hi, I am new to filemaker. I would like to modify my script from one table to other table.


I have table A to store data, containing category so I would like to create a summary from A and put the result in table B. I need to summarise how many numbers of particular category. For example, apple, orange, lemon, but user could add new category they like so it is not a good idea to hard code the script.


Currently, I have a script that find the category of first record and get the find count of the found set. Then i fill in a flag field as 1, and copying the result to table B. Afterwards, performing find again all record that flag is not 1(in this case, all are zero), the whole process is loop until no record found.


Finally, I find all the records which flag is 1 and replace them to zero.


On the other hand, I need to show the most update records in portal so I use another flag and equal to 1 during the above script, then filter portal record


So is there any other ways to reduce the steps of this script or another approach to achieve the same goal.


I am using filemaker 17. Please ignore the reason for copying data from A to B.


if it is not clear, I will upload my script later.