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Setting up a System DSN for a remote fmpro server

Question asked by dwirony on Aug 20, 2018
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I had recently asked this question (Connecting Excel to a FMP Database through ODBC ) about setting up ODBC for my fmpro server so that I can link it to Excel. We have several databases hosted on filemaker server, and we have just recently upgraded to FM17 so in theory this should be possible.


But after enabling ODBC on the servers I'm still unable to build a System DSN to the servers - In odbcad32.exe I type the IP address in the host box where it says "Which host do you want to connect to?", and when I check off "Connect to host to obtain the names of available databases" I just get "There was a problem connecting to the host".


Is there something missing along the way that we're forgetting to activate? In theory, I should be able to use my filemaker server as a source of data to Excel. I've tested this on my local solutions and it works perfectly, we just need to connect to these remote servers...


Any insight is appreciated. I should say that I've read through the ODBC/JDBC guides extensively, but it doesn't talk alot about the System DSN building process.