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Additional filtering in week-by-week solution

Question asked by ultranix on Aug 20, 2018
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I was adviced to create a separate question, as my original questions was answered, so that's what I'm doing.


Original topic was here:


I just want to add another layer into that solution, that was gladly provided by fmDATA:


Now we have all objects and all actions, now grouped by weeks. What if we only see actions with objects, that were sold that week, which we select? Like how many buyer calls I received and how many showings I had only with those objects, that had an action entry that week: a_day (any day of that week), a_type: "Sale".


So I could have an option to see actions from Objects that had that a_type: "Sale" entry in Actions from Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, etc.


Because not all the objects get the same attention, but those which turn to sold that given week are the best piece of comparison.


And, also, how many objects turned to sold (had a_type: Sale in Actions for that week), so I could give a percentage, like: 40 percent of properties sell in week 2, etc.