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Static IP and WebDirect not Responding

Question asked by Lasersol on Aug 20, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2018 by Lasersol

Anyone have this problem accessing FMS 17 running on Mac High Sierra? Everything works fine on the LAN. FM ports are open on the Router. I can ping the ports from inside the router and see that they are open.


I can not access my static IP address anymore.


Mac OS 10.13.5

FileMaker Server


Mac Min (later 2014)

2.8 GHz Intel Core i5



When things were working, I could ping my static IP and ports to check that they were open. I can not do that external of the Router but I can inside the firewall on the LAN.


Firewall turned Off on the Mac and using the router.


The WebDirect connector is turned on and I can successfully test my db's inside the router on the LAN. I can no longer see them from outside using a different network. I can no longer ping my ports from another network.


AT&T says the modem/router is fine and have reset my NODe settings. They say you can not ping from outside your own network while I have done it before. Thought that was the purpose of pinging!


The only thing I can remember that was odd was when upgrading to High Sierra. During the install, there was a cryptic message asking if I wanted to install an optional utility? Wracking my brain trying to remember the filename. I Googled and it says that it used by some financial software apps for ultra-secure money transfers but not often needed. I did not install this. Does this ring any bells with anyone and, does this have to be installed in High Sierra for FileMaker Webdirect to work properly?


i'm at the stage of doing a fresh install of High Sierra and if prompted, I will install that optional utility and reinstall Server.


Our landline went down last mouth and it had to be repaired. One ATT tech rep noticed that my Public Subnet was not enabled and enabled that. My thought was that the configuration of my service had not been properly put back together when fixing my landline problem. That's why I have repeatedly asked them if they could ping my static IP and ports? Was surprised today when they told me that this could only be done from behind the firewall. My memory might get a bit sketchy at times but I know I used to do this all the time. Even had a FM tech rep check the ports remotely, if my memory serves me right.


I've been chasing my tail on this one for too long. Any comments and suggestions greatly appreciated.