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Find in Progress - Processing Query Issue

Question asked by msawyer on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2018 by msawyer

Product and version: 17.02 - Server and Clients all 64 bit.

OS and version - Server Windows 16 Standard - Clients a mix of PC's mostly 10. ESS both MySQl and MS SQL.

Hardware: PCs - some Macs, but used only for digital ingestion.


Clients go into a loop - showing

Find in Progress - Processing Query - this results in the user having to crash out of FileMaker.


This is a large system build started in 2005. So has been through all versions since 8.

Didn't upgrade to 16, as it was unstable and very slow.

Testing in 17 was positive, but now we have multiple users its a disaster.

I have reworked themes. Tried removing ESS connections from layouts. Re-installed FM. etc


Brand new server, so all clean from that perspective. Removed all previous versions of clients.

Plug-ins  all current versions. (Base Elements and CNS SMTP)


How to replicate: Occurs randomly when going to a layout, no specific table.



Workaround (if any):

Wish there was. Any help would be appreciated


I have read that this was meant to be resolved in Version 17.