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No scripts are available for the specified account - that old saw

Question asked by silas on Aug 20, 2018
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I have been struggling with this on a new install of FileMaker and running the default Java 8 update 171 on WIndows Server 2016. I am working with file that I am migrating from a FileMaker 13 installation that is being completely replaced hardware and software. So we using a fresh VM on a fresh box with a fresh OS with a fresh install of FileMaker.


I am well aware that  many people have posted this error over the years. It seems to be a perennial bug with mysterious workarounds and rumoured causes. Apparently it has existed since FM13, in fact I encountered it in that version, but I was able to fix it then. This time no.


I have tried them all:


  1. Make sure the account you choose has the fmapp extended privilege set turned on.
  2. Try resetting the script triggers when the file opens in the client
  3. Try creating different users
  4. Export a compact copy of the file
  5. Recover the file
  6. Restart the server
  7. Update java
  8. Reinstall everything
  9. Reboot


None of it works.