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Sending FileMaker variables to perform applescript function

Question asked by richard2 on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2018 by richard2

Hi Everyone,


I have some variables set in a filemaker script and I am wanting to use those variables in the perform applescript function to send these to another application.


I have $session and $session_path variables set


Them i'm trying to use these in perform applescript (calculated):


"tell application " & "Capture One 10" & " to activate" &

"set newDoc to make new document with properties {name:" & $session & ", path: " & $session_path & "}" &

"end tell"


normally my applescript would be:


set sessionPath to "/mypath/Capture One Sessions"

set session to "test"

tell application "Capture One 10"



  set newDoc to make new document with properties {name:session, path:sessionPath}


end tell


I dont think im formatting the calculated applescript correctly.


Any help would be really appreciated.