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Error Code 53 on BaseElements Plugin with BE_FileListFolder

Question asked by DDoughtie on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2018 by fmpdude

I've gotten BE_Elements to work on my Mac (10.13) running FM 17. I created a simple file that looks at a folder and moves any files to another folder within the documents folder. I've tested it on my Mac and works fine. I've moved the test file to a Win FMS17 server (Win Server 2012R2 Standard). Plugin appears to be installed and activated. All the folders are within the Documents folder of Filemaker Server so there should be any permissions issue with files in and out (according the BE documentation). The plugin appears to have proper permissions/security on the Win Server


I'm getting an Error 53 from BE_Get_LastError. The documentation says the library that a certain function uses will use that libraries error codes. I don't know which library to even go look. I'm getting the same error code with BE_FileMove so I assume that there is a general failure of the plugin.

Anyone know what that error means? It doesn't correspond with any of the normal FM errors.