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Performing calculation within a portal row

Question asked by nacrom on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by Jens Teich

Background on issue.....  (NO my fields to do not use the "  ", they are only here for clarification on field names)


I have a portal with the fields.... "Paper_Quanity", "Paper", "Total_Paper"

I also have another field outside the portal "PRD_Quanity"


When I do a simple calculation within the field for "Total_Paper" to multiply  "PRD_Quanity" * "Paper_Quanity".  It works for the first portal row.  but when i add a second portal row, the "Total_Paper" just carries the total from the first portal row.  The portal may have 1 line, it may have up to 6 portal lines.


when i am looking for is direction on how to be able to calculate each portal row independently. since i will be referencing these totals in a paper inventory list at a later time.


Thank you in advanced,