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Syncing between two local Databases

Question asked by FM_DM on Aug 21, 2018
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I am hoping you can help me because I am scratching my head about this one.

I am creating a filemaker go solution for the company I work for. We have field engineers and are looking to getting into using ipads with filemaker go instead of paper copies of their worksheets.


I have the database set up as following

Filemaker deploy  (Local copy of engineer file)   >  Synctable (Local copy) > < Sync via sync software such as easysync >< Synctable (Hosted) < Office Version (Hosted)

Where >or< indicates a relationship


My issue is I have a tab on the engineer deploy database where the engineers can put a signature. I have the following scripts which run when I press a confirm button on the layout. My issue is this seems only to create a single record in the sync table  - no matter which job I am currently on it overwrites the current SyncID (which is an auto create serial) with the same ID each time and then updates the single record in the sync table . It won't create new records for those signatures which have a different ID. I don't know what I have done to get it to do this as it otherwise works perfectly.


Can you tell me where I am going wrong - or how I would be better going about this.