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Database Encryption in Runtime App

Question asked by brangus on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by taylorsharpe

My company uses FileMaker as a run-time application that customers can download on to their computer without having to install FileMaker on their machine. Inside of this FileMaker file there is sensitive data that we are contracted to encrypt and keep safe inside the run-time application.


We have been using the BlowFish plug-in since I inherited this position, but as my company is being forced to upgrade to the newest version of FileMaker because of the Mac OS upgrade pending this fall we are now faced with the issue of no longer having BlowFish supported in the newest version of FileMaker and we cannot simply use the Crypt and DeCrypt functions/calculations inside of FileMaker because they are not supported in a run-time application.


So- my question is this: how do I encrypt data in the newest version of FileMaker when using it as a run-time application?


We used BlowFish as a plugin/extension and, when compiled properly, it worked flawlessly for my company's needs.


I went to DevCon a few weeks ago in search of an answer to this question and here I am still searching and desperately asking. Anything would help at this point because as we all well know, the Mac OS upgrade is imminent. Thanks!