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Can I filter data via a Table Occurrence

Question asked by roel on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by roel

In the FM15 application I'm building for a small furniture dealer I came across a challenge:

Situation: I have a table called 'Contacts', filled with the contact data of both customers and suppliers. A contact can be either a customer, a supplier or both! Therefore I created the following fields: 'IsCustomer(Y/N)' and a field called 'IsSupplier(Y/N)'.


Present method: When displaying a list of all customers a script is triggered, performing a find in the Contacts-table, showing all Contacts with 'IsCustomer(Y/N) = 'y'. Same for the list with suppliers.


Now that the application is growing, the need for filtering between customers and suppliers increases. I was wondering whether there isn't a better solution for this.


My question: Is it possible to create a second instance of the table 'Contacts' and apply a relation that limits the data set to customers only? In other words, creating a Table Occurrence of table 'Contacts', rename this 'Customers' and apply a permanent filter to it. If yes, how?


Coming from an ER (entity-relationship) diagram environment, the concept of Table Occurrences is still confusing. I'm afraid this confusion limits my ability to come with solution that might be obvious to most of you (I hope).


Some of the sources I used, to better understand Table Occurrences:

Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?

Key Concepts in FileMaker 7 [a pdf covering TO ≠ Table]

Table vs. Table Occurrence (Tutorial)