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Filemaker17 Rest API Authentication Errors

Question asked by yogendra3rde on Aug 21, 2018
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I am using  Filemaker Rest API. I am Authenticate my account by server name, username and password then getting  "Invalid user account and/or password; please try again".  But When I am using same username and password for server login it is working fine.  (Like URL -  https://localhost/16000/admin-console/signin)

Like server/hostname = localhost,

username = admin

password = admin

database  = My_Test_Database

My Rest API URL in rest API - https://localhost/fmi/data/v1/databases/My_Test_Database/sessions and in header 'Authorization' and 'Content-Type'.

Please help me and one more think how to create new database and what is "Layout Name" or I to get a Layout name.


I am using FileMaker 17 admin console server.