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Summarize child records in Parent by a key field.

Question asked by user28271 on Aug 21, 2018
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Not sure if the title of this question is right....


Here is the details of something I run into often and how I handle it.  Curious if there is a more efficient way

*And don't recommend SQL, it is way too slow these tables will have hundred of thousands of records.



Table: Labor

Key Field:  Labor Type (Editorial, Graphics, Finishing, Other)



In the related Job record client want to see a summary by Type. Such as Editorial 125 Hrs, Graphics 37 Hrs, etc.



A series of case statements:  Case(type = Editorial, labor total)


In the above situation it is tedious but manageable with only 4 type.  But is some cases these could be a dozen keys to be parsed. Such as Spot Type, they want a count of each type and there are 11 types.