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WebDirect vs FMP clients

Question asked by StephenWonfor on Aug 21, 2018
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Looking for some general advice here.  I have a client with 5 users in Canada and we just added 6 in the US.  All are using actual FMP clients to access our server here.  Now thinking about adding some users in Europe - maybe 4 or 5.  Client asks about whether WebDirect might be a better option than actual FMP clients.  My readings tell me that there are some limitations with WebDirect vs the client software. 

The users will be inputting information on training courses and students in those courses.  They will be generating invoices for these courses.   They will be wanting to send eMails with invoice and course details to the students and the sponsoring companies.  I can imagine they'd like to be able to import data from Excel or CSV files.

Does this still make WebDirect a viable option here or should we stick with actual client software?

My knowledge of WebDirect is pretty much limited to thinking WebDirect is a pretty cool name.