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Send Mail via SMTP Server with MHTML attachment crashes FMPA17

Question asked by jkrier on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by fmpdude

I'm trying to send email via SMTP Server with an attachment that is a MHTML file (.mht).

I've boiled it down to one script step - Send Mail[Send via SMTP Server) with the attachment. It fails every time.

It works for other attachments but always gives me the spinning wheel of death with this attachment.

Attachment works with Send Mail via Client.

Are there restrictions on types of attachmentsSend Mail via SMTP Sever will accept?


Running Windows 7

Running on FMPA17.02., and FMS17.02.

Exchange email server


The bigger problem is when I run my script on FMServer 17 Script Scheduler, it continues in Running status even though I have the timeout set. This caused the FMServer memory to go up to 82% and hang the other Scheduled scripts. Had to kick everyone out and reboot. Memory went down to 16%.


IT dept said they haven't changed anything on the Exchange side of things and since we can sent email via Outlook client OK, it is a FM Problem.....


Please let me know if anyone else has experienced FM crash like this and how it was resolved. Thanks!!