Non timestamped backup folder

Discussion created by ibrahim_bittar on Aug 21, 2018
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Hi amigos


Today I was struggling with backups because I needed a backup folder without the timestamp in the folder name, therefore new backups would just overwrite the old one. I know I can do this by setting the schedule to keep only one copy but it timestamps the folder.


The reason for this is I bought a Synology DS1618+ NAS, which allows remote backups. I can install Cloud Station Backup on the FileMaker Server and it will happily send the backup to my NAS, which of course is remote.


When you configure Cloud Station Server, you can tell how many "versions" of your backup you want to keep. The thing is that in order for this to work, the backup folder has to retain its name (if the folder name is timestamped, it will be considered as a new file, not a new version of the same file). That's why I needed no timestamp in the folder name.


Well, after walking through several options, I found in the FMSADMIN help that you can set the backup schedule to keep zero copies of the backup. This will create a non timestamped folder with only one, overwritten every time, backup file set.


I don't know if you already knew this but I've working with FileMaker for 25+ years and I feel like Colombus the day he arrived to America.


Hope you find this useful.