Using The Noun Project <-> To FileMaker SVG Icon Installer Easy!

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Good Day FileMaker Community,


     I've thrown together a little file for integrating with Noun Project - Icons for Everything. This is my first attempt at creating a universal installer for Mac and Windows FileMaker Pro platforms that will take an icon that I'm looking at ON-THE-LINE and add it to my default FM button SVG library for future use.


1# Warning! You will need to have an account with the NOUN PROJECT site to use this file.


2# Warning! Some SVGs on the site do not format well or I've not written the necessary conversion to make the SVG FileMaker Pro Compatible. <- Maybe the fmCommunity can help with this


How to use this beta file:


  • Step 1) Update the Noun Project Script with your account login details


  • Step 2) Find a noun that you like and once you see its PNG/ SVG download buttons for a single icon, click the Get this Icon Button.


  • Step 3) Reboot FileMaker Pro Client to see image has now loaded.
  • * If you don't see the new image appear or if something strange with it. This means the icon wasn't formatted properly before importing. You'll need to delete it from your SVG default library (This is in a folder in your FileMaker Install path called DefaultGlyphs.) and your button SVG icon viewer.


Items to work on:


1) Resolve as many different SVG styling tags to FileMaker Pro's acceptable standards for compatibility.

Currently, the main script is handling the style tags and as such.


2) Add a way to modify the SVG's default color and maybe categorized it in FileMaker by group.


3) Install in all versions of FileMaker Pro that use SVG icon handling.

Currently, I have it where you must open each version of FileMaker to get the DefaultGlyph paths.


If anyone makes any updates to the file, please post back for the community to benefit from it.






*This is the screen that you want to see before you hit the Get This Icon! Button

Occasionally, I have to full screen my FileMaker Window to get the Web viewer to render the SVGs otherwise the page's icons are blank. Not sure why this is.


Example of the Puppy Icon loaded. Who doesn't love puppies?

Sometimes you have to click right of the actual icon like I've done here to select the puppy. This is because there is a SVG I've attempted to load that didn't parse properly throwing the other out of sync. Go find the incorrect one and remove from the library.


Hopefully as a community we can work on getting these SVG's formatted properly for FileMaker pro's use.