Layout opens up in a floating card window

Discussion created by lmg on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by jrenfrew

Hi guys,


I’m experimenting with different UI designs and I’m stuck in trying to get this one to work.


I’ll try to make this easy. I have 4 layouts. On my main layout, I have a button, when clicked, opens up a floating card window (size 500 h x 300 w, Window options: Close, Dim parent window). In the card window layout, I have several buttons, each of them, when clicked goes to a specific layout, except, the layout opens up inside the card window and not the parent window. What I’d like to see happen is when you click a button, the card window closes and the layout opens in the parent window. I’m not quite sure what to add to the script.


Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.