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Cataloguing Optical Discs

Question asked by alex_santos on Aug 22, 2018
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I am completely new to FileMaker, I have not even downloaded a trial yet.


I have a particular goal and would like to know if anyone can let me know if my goal can even be reached. Remember I know almost zero about FM.



I have over 1000 optical data discs; CD/DVD/Blu-ray



1) Insert disc

2) The tree and any meta data is read and an entry is created for that inserted disc

3) Now that the disc's tree (directory) and metadata are now in a FM file database I can simply search that disc without it being online

4) If I scan several discs I should then be able to search the entire database and it will come back and tell me which disc that file is on.


All silliness aside:

I know that there are Disk Cataloguing applications out there for the Mac already and I already use one, it's called DiskTracker and I really love it but it is no longer supported, perhaps for 10 years and I am becoming concerned that it may stop working one day so I would rather build something around FileMaker which has been around for many years and remains reputable.


Are my goals within the scope of the software?