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How can I automatically create another record in a portal

Question asked by plane24 on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2018 by Jens Teich

When I create a new record in a portal I want to automatically create an additional record in the same table but with just one field being different (the "owner" record's ID).  The additional record would not appear in the portal because it is not for the current owner.


Explanation:  This FM database is used to manage student volunteers collecting for a charity.  We send them out in pairs and record where we are sending them and what time they left and are due back.  One of the pair of volunteers comes up to the desk, we choose a location to send them and put that in the portal (which allows for multiple locations during the day as they come back and are sent out again to a new location).  Currently I then have to switch to the other volunteer's record and repeat the process.  This is time wasting and sometimes gets overlooked.  I realised yesterday that I could just create an new record in the table that the portal is showing but with the other volunteer's ID.


But I cannot see how to do it without using a button.  Is there some sort of script execution on exiting a portal or some such trigger I could use?  Or another way?


Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.