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Requesting feedback on my approach to a report

Question asked by mitc0186 on Aug 22, 2018

I am creating reports and looking for feedback on whether I'm on the right track. I work at a university and we want to generate reports on our department's faculty showing their grants, both funded and proposed.  Here's the kicker - some need to be formatted (e.g. some items bold) and they need to be editable inside or outside of FileMaker.




EFFORT Links faculty to studies 

STUDY This links all the proposals and projects and other documents that are part of the same research

PRF (proposal) One for each request from the funding agency

PROJECT One for each pot of money received from the funding agency

REPORT Collects data from the previous tables so that it can be edited by end user (not in




My plan so far:

Clear all records in the REPORT table

Find each STUDY with EFFORT from the particular FACULTY member

Create a record for each STUDY in the REPORT table via script

Pull data (e.g. dates, dollars) from either PRF or PROJECT*

Report A: Edit the data and save as PDF

Report B: Export to Excel (loses formatting ) and pasted into a Word document that has data from lots of sources


* I've created fields that pull from PROJECT if there is one funded and from PRF if there is not.  I hesitate to merge the tables because they have a lot of different data and are conceptually very different to us.  There's actually a third table that is for grants that come from within the school, but those are handled totally differently by the bureaucracy so the data are again different.


The file is on FMS, I'm using FM13.  I have no experience using SQL or plug-ins.  What do you think?  I'm open to suggestions.