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Handling card windows on iOS. onLayoutSizeChange?

Question asked by JaredHague on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2018 by Brian Hamm

I am working on a solution for iOS.  It has layouts for both iPhone and iPad.  I am using the onLayoutSizeChange trigger to switch between a "compact" iPhone view and "full" iPad view. This is so users can use split screen with iPad.  When the app is in split screen the app switches to using the iPhone layouts when it detects the screen size is wide enough it switches back to the full iPad view. 


When in iPad view I have card windows that can be displayed that use the compact view to show things like lists to pick from.  When in compact mode they are not cards it just nav to the layouts for the selection then returns to mimic   action sheets.  Its all working quite well until a user wants to change from full view to compact view while a card window is showing. With the card window open there is no trigger.  And card windows don't change size.


I have no control over a user doing this action because its an OS level feature.  On desktop its not an issue because the parent window can't be resized when a card window is open.


Any ideas on how to handle this would be welcome.  Although card windows are a great new feature on FM GO it sure has potential to strand users.