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'Do nothing' as part of a calculation

Question asked by JodieWeston on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2018 by PeterDoern

Help, please


I have a text field with an 'Auto-Enter' calculation this is based on the content of another field. It's set to replace existing value.


Act field (this is the field with the auto-enter option)

When the record is created, a value is entered into this field.


Status (this is the field Act is based on)

This field has a value list with a number of entries:




On Hold


The calculation currently changes the 'Act' field if Omit, or On Hold are selected. However, if CBB, or Final are selected the contents of the Act field is deleted. I would to update the script, so If the status is changed to CBB, or Final it does nothing...


Here's my script -


If ( Shot Status = "Omit" ; "Omitted" ; If ( Shot Status = "On Hold" ; "On Hold" ))