DoomSolutions Shared Links Do Not Work in Mac Web Viewer

Discussion created by DoomSolutions on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2018 by TSGal

Product and version - FMPA

OS and version - Mac 10.12.6 & Dell PC Windows 10 Pro

Description - is a popular file sharing site.  Clients upload videos and share the public link with others to watch without having to log in.  We have been trying to integrate those shared links into a web viewer, but they do not work on Macs within FM.  The link functions as intended in up-to-date web browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) in the Mac OS, though.  Likewise, the link works in both FM and web browsers on Windows computers.

How to replicate - Upload a video to  Select to share the video and change the access type to "People with this link."  Copy and paste the URL into a field representing the web address for a web viewer object.  In Windows, the video will load, as desired.  In Mac OS, the file name is displayed, but the video does not load.  Wait for confused email from user.

Workaround (if any) - Use an updated web browser on the Mac or just access via Windows instead, however the user base is 95% Mac.


Box's customer support said, "Box's policy is to support up to the two latest versions" of a web browser.  As I understand it, web viewers utilize a Safari WebKit on Macs and Internet Explorer in Windows, correct?  How can we update what FM needs on the Mac because the link works fine in the current version of Safari on the same computer?


I am attaching screenshots of the shared link process on, a Mac web viewer, and a Windows web viewer.


Thanks for your help.