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Filemaker imports .csv data to a single field

Question asked by sr87 on Aug 23, 2018
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I am trying to import data from a .csv-file directly into a Filemaker table. Looking at the first record in the import dialog shows the correct field mapping (it has memorized the 'last order' from a workaround I'm using), but clicking through to the second record (and beyond) shows Filemaker importing all of the comma separated data into the first field only. (De)selecting 'Don't import first record (contains field names)' doesn't make a difference. Am I missing something? Doesn't Filemaker usually map text files correctly as long as they use a separator it recognizes? Is there something wrong with the format of my .csv-file?


I could set up the import like this and use auto-enter calculations to parse the data into their respective fields. This seems like it would be cumbersome however as the files are rather large (>500k records) and will be imported frequently. As a workaround, I am currently running a VBScript using the TextToColumns method and saving it as an Excel file; importing this new file works fine. However, I would like to avoid this step as I'm trying to set up an automated import from the server which doesn't come with MS Office so the VBScript won't work there.


Looking around online it seems like importing correctly from a .csv file should be possible. Can anyone help me? Thanks!