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How best to establish table and fields - normalization?

Question asked by cwcrogan on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2018 by mikeo'neil

Hello, I have a question regarding setting up a table and fields that may seem rudimentary but I'm having trouble making a decision.


I have a database for a Fire Dept with a record for every address. Each address has a (Fire) Box number associated with it - separate table because a Box can serve multiple addresses. Each Box has a run card - which is the expected response of Engines and Ladders, both to the Box address and station cover assignments. The run card lists the 1st alarm, working fire, 2nd alarm, and third alarm. So in total there are 16 pieces of information for the card - Engine to box, Ladder to Box, Engine to cover, Ladder to Cover for each of the 4 alarm levels. I hope you're with me thus far


It seems redundant to have 16 fields for this. Should I break them off into a Town Coverage table that basically has one field with 3 indicator fields (such as apparatus (eng or lad), assignment (box or cover), and alarm level (1,wf, 2, 3))? Or I am I taking things too far? Perhaps something in between such as a table with 4 fields and 2 indicators?


Insight greatly appreciated. TIA