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FM Server 15 Won't Save Paths & Schedules

Question asked by on Aug 23, 2018
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FM Server crashed again today and lost my folder paths and schedules.  When I reconfigure them, they are reset to default when I log back into FM Server.  I've set these up about 20 times today and can't get them to stick.


I'm able to validate and save Additional Database and Backup folder paths, and I'm able open the databases.  I can I log out of FM Server Console, and I can quit Safari, and paths are retained.   However, when I restart the machine (Mac), upon logging back into FM Server, the path have reverted to the default path (which does not exist).


I found the conf file under Library->FileMaker Server->Admin->conf->server_config.xml.  When I change the setting for "Web Publishing Connection Limit" from "200" to "199" in the Web Publishing Tab it writes to the server_config.xml file, however, when I change any settings in the Database Server Tab, like enable additional database folder path, they do NOT write to the server_config.xml file.


I found a way to export the schedule configuration, but can I export the paths and other config settings?