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Using Invoice to Update Status of Multiple Items

Question asked by lburd on Aug 23, 2018
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Using Filemaker to create a working inventory for a theatre. Tracking microphones/speakers/etc. Mostly used to track location in theatre and maintenance on individual items.




I currently have a layout called Inventory Report that I use to update the individual items with new locations when they get moved around the theater. I do this in an invoice type fashion. I have a script trigger on the Inventory Number field, within the Invoice Data portal. The script trigger takes the existing value for location and replaces it with the new value that is entered in the invoice.





I'm hoping this layout can do one more thing. I'd like to be able to change the status of the items in the invoice and have that update the status of the individual items. Ideally, I could create the invoice with a status of 'pending', then when the items get pulled from stock, I can have the technicians go into that same invoice and update the status to say 'pulled'. Then when the items have been installed in the theatre, that invoice would again be updated to say 'installed'.




The way the report is set up now, I'd have to change the status in the invoice, and then enter into each items inventory number field to change the status. I'd like for the items to automatically update when I enter or modify the status field on the Invoice.




Alternate option would be a button or checkbox in the portal row that would update the status of each item, although that would be a bit more tedious.


Edit: Added pictures of relationships tab and the edit mode of the invoice in questions.