Sliding Card Window for Menus

Discussion created by BMyers on Aug 23, 2018
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This came up in another discussion so I thought I'd post it separately under a separate title.


Many devs have found that card windows are great for menus.  We can create one layout for the menu and call that card window layout from anywhere in the app.  Gone are the days of repeatedly making edits to menus on various layouts.


Taking this to the next step, I wanted to create a sliding navigation panel that came in from the left side of the screen, using a card window.  There is a method of using a looping script that opens the card window offscreen and moves it one pt at a time (or 20pts at a time) to slide the card into the visible space.  The speed is adjustable by the number of pts per loop.

The next step after that was to make a fancier sliding action and I made a "spring-loaded" sliding panel.


It's all just for fun and making more interesting layouts.  I thought the group might put the techniques into their quiver of useful stuff.