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Uploading to container in the background?

Question asked by fabianf on Aug 24, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by fmpdude

Our company handle artwork for printing purposes. That means we can have individual files of say 50-100Mb. In old times this has been handled outside of FM, but off course I want to have all artwork in FM, using external storage for containers, thereby getting many upsides: preview in the FM-app, safe backuped storage on the server, easy to purge all files connected to a project etc.


My problem is that in order to get compliance from the team, I need to do something about the uploading to containers. If they upload by ftp straight to a printing house, dropbox or to the file server, they can still keep working in FM. When they upload to a FM container, FM will freeze while uploading.


-> What I would like to do is uploading to container in the background, so they can keep working.


I'm thinking I could have them put the file elsewhere and have the server checking, but that adds complexity. Is there a way to have the interface working as usual and trigger a script that makes it happen in the background without further file handling from the user?