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Trouble printing PDF created in Filemaker Pro 16

Question asked by ultradistance on Aug 24, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2018 by ultradistance

I hope someone can help me with a solution to an old problem.


Using several layouts, I create a multi page document in FM that is saved as a PFD, and then appended to. The layouts have pretty images, and 6 or 7 text fields. The saved PDF is usually about 1 MB, so not small, but not huge either.


When I open in Adobe and go to print the document, it takes up to thirty minutes to print the first page. As I send these PDFs to clients, that is no good. My work around has been to convert the PDF to a word doc (where it "flattens" the PDF), and then save again as a PDF. When that is done, the resulting PDF prints right away.


I'd like to cut what is a time consuming step out if possible. Would it help to print to a PDF instead of saving as a PDF? (doesn't seem to for me, but perhaps I'm missing something). Is there another way I can get to the PDF document directly from FM so my clients can print easily? I keep thinking there must be an easy answer but I have yet to find it.


Thanks for whatever help you can provide.